Brera Holdings business model takes on a disruptive approach to the football industry, based on sustainability and social impact, and develops along 4 directions, summarized below.


A strategy that connects Milan with the world. This allows us to enhance both the Milanese dimension (we are perceived as a sporting excellence of the city) and the relationship with the host country (developing B2B and political-cultural exchanges).


While it is true that our project has a profile similar to that of Sheikh Mansour's City Football Group, however, both in terms of investments and destinations, we represent a radically alternative model to mainstream football. This connotation must be proudly claimed in terms of innovative capacity, visionary design and truly cool atmospheres.

low cost

Our football destinations belong to a low-cost dimension of the international scene. Our approach, aiming at the internal circulation of the group of players, staff and managers, allows the creation of economies of scale.


The most distinctive feature in the Brera FC experience is certainly its focus on the ESG theme. This DNA will not be lost in every future project worldwide and we’ll always match results oriented football with one or more social or cultural oriented football projects. The current attention of investors for these issues is very high, so this feature will always be well highlighted in all our projects.