A 20 year history of social impact projects in football

  • FreeOpera Brera (2003-2005): The first football team made by inmates to participate to the official FIGC system. Based in the Opera prison, this ground-breaking project led several other jailhouses to start their own team within the Italian league system.
  • Martinitt FC (2006-2008): The multi-ethnical team of foreign minors entrusted by the court to protected structures
  • Emergence Brera Gabon (2010): The Under 19 Gabonese representative who participated to the worldwide known Viareggio Tournament, alongside many Italian and foreign professional clubs.
  • MilanoMondo (1999-2001): The “World Cup” of Milan-based foreign communities, a celebration of sport and tradition at a time where most foreigners were prohibited from participating to Italian league activities.
  • Romani People Football Team (2015-2017): The international representative of people of Roma and Sinti origin, officially recognized by CONIFA.
  • Bollate Refereeing Initiative: A project to organize professionalizing football courses for inmates, such as to become referees, sports directors and coaches, with the purpose of issuing official licenses.
  • FENIX Trophy: The iconic non professional clubs European tournament recognized by UEFA