Brera Holdings Limited is an Irish holding company focused on expanding social impact football by developing consulting and professional football services that build on the legacy and brand of Brera Football Club, or Brera FC.

Brera FC is a football club, founded in 2000, which, despite its amateur standing, is unanimously recognized as “the third team of Milan”. This definition does not derive from the football ranking, but rather from the strong media overexposure obtained in relation to the many projects, mainly with a social background, created through football. The brand’s notoriety indices – repeatedly measured and certified – are very significant and clearly define the perception of Brera as the third team in Milan. The focus of the club has always been the innovative use of football as a social, sporting, cultural and communicative experiment.

Following an initiative by American investors, Brera Holdings aims at setting up a development strategy whose goal is entering professional football. The choice, however, is not to climb the Italian football pyramid (an expensive, difficult and probably unrealistic project), but to rather create a sort of “global club” with headquarters in Milan and various Brera-branded clubs: from first or second division in European football minor countries; from even lower divisions in emerging football continents (Africa, Asia, South America): the first with a sustainability approach, due to a focus on the achievement of ambitious sporting goals and on transfer market, the latter with an ESG approach.
Brera Holdings therefore aspires to be a “Global Football Group” following the example of Manchester City, which has created teams with the “City” brand in various parts of the world. Unlike the City project, however, Brera will take different paths and will be much more focused on economic and social sustainability, thus countertrending the mainstream football approach